Erotica in te ao Takataapui is a tradition as old as time

Making love with the land: Three new queer Indigenous poetry collections

Transformation: a takatāpui response to Whiti Hereaka’s novel Kurangaituku

WHIRO IN THEIR ORIGINAL GLORY, Michelle Rahurahu & Essa Ranapiri

Light, air, water: A celebration of Māori poetry in lockdown


May Fair: Texts by Cameron Ah Loo-Matamua and essa may ranapiri

What the kiwi can teach us: A review of the brutal, radiant Te Manu Huna A Tāne

No Girl-dick of Nature: an essay on discovering my gender in a forest of language.

Dancing With Hikule’o: A response to TongPop Herstory 

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Opinion Piece for Express Magazine

Response to Native Son by Witi Ihimaera 

My Childhood Books: essa may ranapiri

Bodies of Water: A Conversation Between essa may ranapiri and Eliana Gray

short piece on three books


Eager to Break by Eliana Grey

Rāwāhi by Briar Wood 

Poūkahangutus by Tayi Tibble

Minerets 8 from Compound Press

Say It Naked by Rachel Tobin

Night As Day by Nikki-Lee Birdsey 

The Farewell Tourist by Alison Glenny

irony | sincerity by Hera Lindsay Bird and Klim Type Foundry